Friday, April 29, 2011

"Fernbridge at 100 Years" by Pat Cahill

Fernbridge is turning 100 years old in 2011. Its cement structure has a tremendous history to its credit withstanding the many floods and being the important guardian to the Ferndale Valley. This 11" x 29" watercolor painting honors its longevity and a major transportation vehicle to the valley people.

"River Rock Arch" by Pat Cahill

"River Rock Arch" is a watercolor painting of a gateway that will be around a long time. The rocks were specially chosen for the arch and fence. Note the owl guarding the entrance.

"Bee at Work" by Pat Cahill

Spring is in the air with this 11"x 15" watercolor painting of the "Bee at Work". There are so many special moments in nature. This little bee was intent on pollinating the pear blossoms, so it just had to be painted.

"Egret Encounter" by Pat Cahill

This 13.5" x 17" watercolor painting of "Egret Encounter" captures two egrets sparing over food. The egrets, usually seen as solitary birds, were feeding in a local pasture field and were very aggressive towards each other.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"The Wetlands" by Marj Early

16" x 20" watercolor

Just a thumbnail of the beautiful Humboldt National Wildlife Refuge in winter, a major migratory bird stop on the Pacific Flyway.

"Kristin" by Marj Early

16" x 20" watercolor

The "Challenge Show/April" painting of local model in watercolor.

"The Outlaw" by Marj Early

18" x 24" watercolor

One of my favorite trawlers at the local island Marina. The Outlaw always looks rarin' to go.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Local Treasures" by Frances Kuta

I titled this painting "Local Treasures" and cheese of Humboldt County! Did you know Humboldt County has about 23 wineries??? The cheese is the wonderful Cypress Grove "Humboldt Fog"...a semi-soft aged goat cheese of the cleanest, purest goats milk in the area...yielding goat cheese from heaven in my opinion! I'm ramping up to paint a handful of paintings that are all about wine. It'll be fun. 8" x 10" oil on linen panel.

"Plum, Ranunculas & Silver" by Frances Kuta

I think ranunculas are my favorite flower. I set this little arrangement up and of course my husbands' great grandmothers' teapot found a way into the composition. I love to paint that curvy, silver, tarnished old pot. This one is 5" x 7" oil on board.