Friday, July 16, 2010

Round Rock by Yevonne Reynolds

colored pencil, 30"x22"
This round rock can be found near Green's Creek a tributary which feeds into Lake Shasta. It was a very interesting find and I couldn't resist photographing it for one of my drawings. While the rock is true to form, and the creek runs into the lake, I have enhanced the other areas of the drawing to make it more interesting.

Sunrise Symphony by Pat Cahill

watercolor, 16"x20"
Three geese in harmony (or not) waiting for a handout.

"Pewetole" by Delores Terry

oil on canvas, 12"x 24"

"Autumn Color Hwy 299" by Dolores Terry

oil on canvas, 18"X 20"

If I had painted the actual colors, it would not have looked real!